Pass the Chicken (con)

A large group divides into two teams. Each player writes the names of famous people or fictional characters on slips of paper. The number of slips per person is arbitrary, though 60-80 slips for the group total is common. All slips are folded and placed in a container common to both teams. During the first round each player in turn, alternating between teams, has thirty seconds to draw and successfully clue to their teammates as many slips as possible. The player giving clues may use any description or charade, other than reading part of the name on the slip. The cluer may not pass on a slip, and may only progress when a teammate guesses the name on the slip exactly as it is written. All correctly guessed slips are retained by the team and score one point apiece. Slips that are not guessed when time runs out are returned to the container. The round continues until all slips are correctly guessed, repeating the clue-giving player rotation if necessary.

For the second round, all slips are returned to the container. The rotation of thirty-second cluing sessions continues. In this round, a cluer may only use one word and/or one physical gesture per slip. Scoring is the same as in the first round and the play continues until the container is exhausted a second time. The team with the most points after two rounds wins. Some like to add a third “gestures only” round.

The game was named by Gem from the fact that a paper bucket from a fried chicken restaurant made an ideal container for the slips.
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