Choke (con)

Each player starts with four blank cards. The player writes eight different letters of the alphabet on one of the cards and a category on each of the other three. The cards are gathered, and the letter cards shuffled and placed in one stack, and the category cards shuffled and placed in another. The group then divides into teams of four or five.

Teams take turns playing rounds. At the beginning of a round the team establishes a playing order among its members and draws three category cards and one letter card. The first player on the team calls out the name of one of the three categories. The next player calls out one of the letters on the letter card. The next player must give an answer belonging to the category and starting with the chosen letter—if he can’t he says “pass.” If the player gives a valid answer then the chosen letter is marked off. If the player gives an invalid answer or passes the letter remains unmarked. The round continues with the next player who chooses a category, then the next who chooses a letter, etc. Play returns to the first player when the end of the team order is reached. The goal is to mark off all eight letters, by finding valid answers starting with each letter in any one of the three categories, as quickly as possible. During the round, players may speak to declare categories, letters and answers on their own turn, but beyond that may not communicate with one another in any way. Categories will necessarily be reused within a round, but the same category may not be picked twice in a row. At any time during the round when it is a player’s turn to speak, that player may call out “Stop!” and immediately bring an unfinished round to close.

Each round has a 90-second time limit, and teams score 1 point for each letter marked off during a round, with a bonus 5 points for getting all eight.

Scoring Variations: A scoring method that rewards efficiency gives 3 points for each letter marked off and -1 point for each incorrect answer/pass. The game may also be played for exhibition, without keeping track of time limits or scores.
The name “Choke” was proposed by Tablesaw
The game was adpated from the bonus round of the short-lived 1970s game show “Get Rich Quick!”
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