(Introduced by T. Mcay with additions by Treesong)

Two people form a club with a rule that dictates how they answer questions. People ask them questions, prefixed by ”???”, and they give answers prefixed by “* * *”. If a lot of questioning is going on at once the querent's name may also be prefixed in brackets. Like “* * *”, it is not part of the answer. If the game goes on for a while without the solvers making progress, club members may make comments on their own, prefaced by “* * *” if they fit the rule, or “XXX” if they break the rule in a way meant to give solvers a hint. The prefixes make game chat stand out from non-game chat. A player who figures out the rule can private-chat a club member to confirm and, if correct, becomes a member and can also be interrogated. Example, with rule “First and last letters must be the same”, a chat could be:

<Arty Ess> ??? Sphinx, who wrote the book of love? 
<Rayle Rhoder> ??? Artaxerxes, do you have the solution to Oct. #83? 
<Sphinx> * * * [Arty Ess] Dr. Ruth did. 
<Artaxerxes> * * * Sure, but I don't give hints. 
<Artaxerxes> Fred Domino has joined the club. 
<Sphinx> * * * Babs has joined the club.
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