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Attending the ACPT for the first time in 1982 as a high-school senior, I picked up my first minisample, eventually leading to my joining in September 1983. After a year, I entered into a dormancy rivaled maybe only by Rip Van Winkle. In November 2002, Vebrile - whom I met over our common ardor for board games at a Boston-area Unity Games event - and his wife ¢ awakened me from my slumber.

First Issue: September 1983.



Hello, my nom is…

… the reading of the rubric (see rebus) ___et in which both my first & last names are transformed to false diminutives. If I can ever develop my constructing brain that constructs - complementing the part that gleefully monopolizes my time solving - long enough to get my mind around this (let alone title it), I know there's a nom flat in there somewhere.


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