Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 1997









One good thing about having a short issue is that you don't have as many mistakes. Or it would be if there weren't more mistakes in August than there were in July. Oh well.

3–Kea: It seems the lothario has a weak grasp of Welsh, since he's using 'crwth' to mean the wrong type of 'crowd' (mass of people, instead of stringed instrument).

15–Enumeration is (9, 9). You probably knew what I meant, but still.

16, line 1–'Wenn' should be 'als'.

37–Not a mistake, but some people, having problems reading the chord, have asked me what the notes are. They are (from the bottom up) F, B, D#, and G#.

49–'Till', not 'til', in line four. (Admit it–that was the reason you couldn't solve it, wasn't it?)

50–TWO is 9.

53–(5, 5).

56–'Teapot- tempest's' should be plural, not possessive, and 'desiderata' is plural, hence 'are', not 'is', at the beginning of the last line. (These errors were actually intentional, to go with the 'errata' theme; however, that doesn't mean I didn't miss them! I would've taken them out if I'd noticed them, to prevent rubrical confusion.)

X-6–28-Across should read 'snail', not 'snails'.

This isn't an Enigma erratum, but I didn't know where else to put it. As a sort of addendum to this month's con reports, Quip has a clarifying remark about Argon's talk: At one point, Argon referred to 'artificial poetry' and no one at our table knew what that meant . . . computer generated, maybe? Poi and I asked him (and the interpreter) later. What he meant was that Italian Renaissance poets injected puns, double meanings, acrostics, and the like into their work. And so, what really happened Saturday night is that the interpreter said 'artificial' but should have something like 'artifice-ful'.


July 12 afternote is by Merlin.

2–the tag should say “B = not MW”, not D

5–the second INNER should also be *I.*N.*N.*E.*R.

6–BRICKYARD is NI3, though the usage is more RH2.

12–There seemed to be some confusion about how many solwords you have to send in to get credit for this puzzle. The answer is seven.

39–7 is in RH2, it's just in the Addenda (and may not be in early editions). Sorry, I use the CD-ROM RH2, and it doesn't differentiate.

51–Three-letter rule waived.

X-3–36-Across should read “Short guy leaving grand city”.


9–Munro says that all you Cornellians will be writing me to tell me the town is spelled SKANEATELES. Which must be why I didn't find it in my refs and had to look for someone else who misspelled it the same way on the Web.

19–Add a period at the end of the second line.

20–Refers to July 63.

F-5 is not an enneagon, it just looks enough like one that I did not double check its shape. It's a decagon, and doesn't exist in the Guide. This is what it looks like:

  x x x x
  x x x x x
  x x x x x x
  x x x x x x x x x x
    x x x x x x x x x 
      x x x x x x x x
        x x x x x x x
        x x x x
        x x x x
        x x x x

Also, clue 7 is missing a word; it should be “One prejudiced against the handicapped (RH2)”.


23–A shouldn't be capitalized.

35–Tag should read “PHRASE=NI2+”, not LONG.

44–Enumeration, in case you can't read it, is

"2 ^  2 ^ 
That is, everything from the first caret to the space after the second caret inclusive should be underlined.

57–“The”, not “they” in the last line.

62–Much like 35's typo, the tag should have SECOND, not TWO.

74–Antigram, actually.

C-6–XFYB GFEYB should be hyphenated.


31 – In line 6, “covert” should be “convert”.

55 – Two-letter overlap rule waived. (I belong to the camp that feels this rule serves no real purpose and ought to be abolished anyway. What do you folks think?)

61 – Comma at the end of the penultimate line, for grammar's sake.

C-4 – Add a period at the end.

And three typos in the solutions:

24 -- "nissuee", not "nissue"
71 -- "Teresa", not "Theresa"
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