Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2001


Note: some of these fixes may already be made in your copy, depending on when you received/downloaded it. A * before an entry denotes a fix that was made before printed copies were mailed out.

9–Comma after “KNIGHT” in the last line.

14–Second 4 is + usage.

23–The 9 here is really NI3 (and possibly 10C-inferable) usage. If you have an 8 that seems to work, you're almost right.

27–In line eight, insert “in” between “it” and “a.” Just a typo, not part of the rubric.

37–TWO needs no tag, as it's in 10C.

40–Missing open quote at the beginning of the second stanza (not missing from the version on the web, just the printed one).

*40–Lines 4 and 5 should read:

On o r home o n  hen i   as des ro ed?
 ell, Eros canno  be  he c lpri , I kno .

49–The order of the enumeration should be (*5, *4, *3, *5).


NOTE: this is the corrigenda for the combined Feb/Mar/Apr issue.

R-6—In the tag, “TWO” should of course be “B.”

p. 9—“poser,” not “posser” in the solution to KU-4.

p. 21—Nightowl’s solving streak is (only!) 177 consecutive issues, not 1177 as reported. (Given that this is issue #1165, that would be patently impossible.)

p. 25—The puzzle note labeled 16 is actually for flat 13.

20—The period in the enumeration is out of place, and not good grammar. Better is (6 5 4: *6).

37—Dele the apostophe in line 3.

65—The enumeration of the changeover should be (7, *7).

KU-1—This flat type is properly spelled “Homoconcominym,” of course.

98—Here’s the full enumeration, should it not be obvious from the cuewords: (7, *6, 3 2). 102—The cuewords exemplify phonetic deletion the wrong way; please switch them.

X-7—Trigrams OYE and OWF appear out of alphabetical order.


(See the February 2001 corrigenda.)


(See the February 2001 corrigenda.)


p. 2—Gecko passed away on March 13, not March 17.

67—Perhaps should have ^s in the enumerations rather than *s.

F-5/6—Clues 4/7 should read: “It falls on May 13th this year.”


p. 1–In the second paragraph of Krewe's News, Tanis should have been called by her nom “Sidhe” (Not that any of you were confused into thinking it was a different “Tanis.”)

4–RUBES = NI3.

6–MANY = NI3 (but 10C-inferable).

34–“billabong,” not “billibong.”

32–Missing a period in line 12 after “secured.”

35–Missing open quote in partword D.

54–NI3, not NI3+ (though it is + in NI2).

87–Enumeration should be “10,” not “9.”

X-7–Answer P should be tagged ”[NI3].”


3–ONE = 10C.

12–The thingy in the rubric was supposed to be flush against the left margin, but I mistakenly centered it in an editing frenzy.


32–There should be a comma after the 1.1. in the enumeration.

May X-2, row 9–UNPLAN, not NUPLAN; also, some of the bold letters indicating the deleted letters are wrong. Should be: . . . ge(tS)Off . . . syNesis . . . a+cUM+en.


4–The last word on the first line of the verse is “or,” but on many printed copies it is all but invisible.

10–GREG is also an entry in recent NI3 addenda. This isn't an official NPL reference these days, but since many of you use MW's e-NI3 (where the addenda words are thrown in, unflagged, with the main vocabulary), it's worth noting.

14–In line ten, “whom” should be “who.” Busted by the grammar police.

19–Needs a comma at the end of the first line. Also, the TWO in the tag should of course be “MANY.”

22–Drop the first word of the verse (“In”). The grammar makes more sense that way. Also, B is *.

26–No comma in the enumeration.

31–The capitalization of the two-letter words in *5 2 2 *8 varies depending on where you look it up.

45–Should probably be tagged EASTWORD = TWO = NI2+. The first letter of WHOLE WORD is the last letter in *WESTWARD.

60–The flat title is missing a T–it should be “CONSONANTCY.”

62–Argh. This flat is seriously broken. Nonetheless it somehow sailed into print, flying beneath the radar of the testsolvers, its flaw unspotted by my aquiline (ha!) editorial eye. So let's just call it a (ahem) “Phrase First-to-Third Changeover,” and pass me a big slice of that humble pie. But please, don't take this as an endorsement of the Phrase Changeover as a sanctioned flat type.

X-11–A better enumeration for the phrase that the extra letters in the across clues transposes to is 4 5'1 1 6.

p. 23–The afternote for June 72, 85 should be for 72, 89.


21 – Enumeration of the second phrase should be 2 2, not 2-2.

23 – “Cords,” not “chords” in the last line.

28 – Requires you to identify a schwa in one word with a short \i\ sound in another. These sounds are quite close in casual speech, and we’ve had flats in the past that blur the distinction between them without comment.

32 – Missing an open quote before the second *1 in the enumeration.

47 – BRET = ^4-*1 is the full enumeration.

60 – ‘American Pie’’s, not ‘American Pie’s’.

90 – SHORT = not MW.

p. 39 (sols)

  • C-4 – “abundant” should have been “abound.”
  • C-5 – “claims” should have been “avows.”
  • X-5 – “Byron,” not “Bryan,” White.


11–I inadvertently chopped out a piece of the verse; it should have ended:

To why you're struggling
And why the world always spurns you.
You'd better hope somebody learns you
Before you're extinct.


13–“in” rather than “is” in the penultimate line.

23–“Ucaoimhu,” not “Ucaiomhu” in the first couplet.

54–In the tag, “N12” should of course be “NI2.”

76–The correct enumeration is [5-3 6]. Whoops.

p. 26–In the solution to September C-3, the seventh word should be “ventriloquist.”

C-3–Missing closing quote after the question mark.

C-4–The tag should read (MSKLTXMGPOKREN = not MW).


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