Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2003



Nov/Dec hints:

  Hint for #20 should be for #26. 
  Hint for #108 should be for #100.
  C-3: First word should be *.


14: MR. TEX should be *1 *7, not *1 *8. 22: Oops. This is a repeat of NovDec 117. Sorry about that!

Solution to NovDec X-5:

  • sex(2)” should be “s+ex”
  • “m+ark+(k)+a+a” should be “mar+kk+aa”
  • “reeve(3)” should be “reeve(2)”
  • “crisp {cf. Crips}” should be “c+hips”
  • ”[i]Ronin[g]” should be “H+on+an”

Easy list: #46 shouldn't have been there.


R-4: The last T in the byline should be a small TM – the trademark™ symbol.

#9: By Earl E. Byrd.

#20: There should be an extra blank line before the verse.

C-6: The end of this got cut off. The last word should be (DOC.) (yes, in parentheses).


  • #23: Some material in the reading and rubric apparently is not in all 10Cs.
  • #27: Not an erratum, but a clarification, since the puzzle note may be confusing: this flat could have run as a freewheeling homonym with enumeration (7 4, 6 4).
  • #49: “Waterson” should be “Waterston.”


Flat #50: DORKY is in 12W and the electronic NI3.

X-8: The 12th clue on p. 17 should read: “Collection of stars including Sox' top player.”




#5: S = not MW. Well, it's 11C, but that's not official yet.

#27: 9 should be *9.

#38: 3 should be ^3.

The absence of a flat 43 is merely accidental, and not rubrical for anything.

C-6: WQRA should be WQBRA.



With thanks to Treesong, Wabbit, Wrybosh, and Toonhead!

30: The enumeration should be underlined.

56: The enumeration should be 8, instead of 9.

X-4: The byline got truncated. This is by Wabbit. (Sorry, Wab!)


The absence of a flat #30 in the December issue is an erratum, not a rubric.

With thanks to Newrow, Mangie, and Geneal:

  • #29: A = 11C.
  • #55: The 7 is TIBIA and *8 is TUBA.
  • X-3: In 7D, Shiele should be Schiele. 19D = NI3.

With thanks to Cazique and R/EDS:

  • #26: [5 5] is NI3.
  • #59: THREE FOUR is 11C-findable, not 10C.
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