Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2004




#24: BEA = 11C and NI3+ usage. #28: Only ^3 ^9 should be underlined in the enumeration. CHISUM = ^3 ^9. #40: BIGGEST = not MW.

In the answer to January X-5, the answer to 18 Down was missing: USA.

In the December favorites, Wabbit's kudos for T McAy's cover art should have been for November, since Wabbit herself did the cover art for December.


With thanks to Crax, Hot, Pebbles, and Wabbit:

  • There were two typos in the February solutions: in the solution to X-2, “scan” should be “scam.” In the answer to flat 74, “snowdrift” should be “snowdrifts.”
  • In flat #22, the 6'1 should be *.

Thanks to Tahnan and Atlantic:

  • In #22, the *6'1 should in fact be *7.
  • And #53 can be sung.


With thanks to Wabbit, Treesong, /dev/joe, and Philana.

  • The puzzle note for C-3 should say NKSSGWLIB = MW-inferable, not NAWWGLBIZ = MW-inferable.
  • 16–For many people, the second-sound change will be a homonym, although 10C has it as a second-sound change.
  • KU-2–Enumeration should be (3-7, 10).
  • 36–NI3 and 11C usage.


Rather late in the game, for which I apologize, but here are some June errata, with thanks to G Natural, Philana, Treesong, Crax, and Amalgam:

  • #1: The penultimate line should end with a semicolon, not a comma.
  • #16: BOOK in the tag should be BOOK SHE.
  • #26: There shouldn't be a period after THREE.
  • #38: The phonetics here are a little dicey.
  • #43: WOLF is not in all NI3s; a better tag might be (some NI3 Addenda).
  • #48: Tag should read (NI3 usage in reading).
  • X-4: The clue for 40 Across should read, “Pawnbroker occupation is underrated, half baked”

Thanks to Abacus and Lyric:

  • In X-4, 38 Across is NI3.

Editorially yours, Saxifrage


Emerging from the post-con haze long enough to pass along some errata, with thanks to several Krewe:

  • #14: The cuewords BLUNT and BURNT should be switched.
  • X-3: The symbol shown with “The Night of No Sun” holiday should be an open square, not a club. (I'm still not sure what happened there, except that the font changed when the document was converted to PDF!)

With thanks to Abacus:



  • #38: Enumeration should be 5'1 8.
  • #49: *2, *2, *7 should be ^2, ^2, *7.
  • KU-1: Apparently, when viewed in some versions of Acrobat, there may be an extra line to the left of the graphic. It's not rubrical.
  • C-1: The spacing of Z IYGVUW is a little weird. There should be a space between the Z and the IYGVUW.
  • The hint for July #6 should have said that the Signs & Symbols section of 10C is your friend. Apparently the Signs & Symbols section of 11C is less friendly for this flat.
  • #12: Also, your editor managed to print the wrong version of flat #12. It doesn't change the answer, but it fixes a broken rhyme, so the last two lines of the flat should be:
Plus a third thing. We're masters of TRIPARTITE GALL --
For who knows whether spelling might count after all?




With thanks to Philana, Amalgam, Clio, Dart, Panther, and Wrybosh:

#47: This should be an ENIGMATIC REBUS. 5-3 should be [5-3].

#50: Part of the rubric didn't make it into the issue. The attached PDF file has a piece of art that should go immediately to the left of the EK in the rubric. Also, the enumeration of RUNNERS-UP should be *11 *3.

X-5: Length rule waived.

C-4 and C-6: No, you're not hallucinating, these do have the same text. We accidentally put in the wrong text for C-4. Apologies to Foggy, and we'll run the real C-4 next month.


In flat #23, “ighttime” should be “ghttime.” Yes, really.

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