Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2007


With thanks to Hathor and Btnirn:

3—6 = NI2 pronunciation.

27—Not an erratum, but a helpful note: A can be found in the online MW (

In the solution for Nov. X-3, 14A should have eat → manger instead of mangez, since each translation yields a French word that is also a valid English word. Pebbles will accept either answer.

…And that’s all.


With thanks to Deansk, Wrybosh, and Loki-5:

33—Final-word substitution.

43—The answer should be tagged NI3.


The website's PDF includes one minor change from the printed version, based on information that wasn't available at press time: #89 has been elevated from ambigram to anagram, and deservedly so.

With thanks to Aleph and Wrybosh:

45—WET = phrase usage or NI3 usage.

78—Has a typo: “procedings” should be “proceedings”.


None reported so far.


In Neuromancer’s Con announcement, the WorldFile number for getting a flight discount should be NYUBW, not NYU8W. (Northwest has honored both.)

One May flat has a borderline case of The Error That Cannot Be Named (that is, a word in the solution is repeated in the verse).

In Willz’s Stamford report, Ennirol should be listed as a competitor; she finished 630th. And Mary Tobler should get a * for being a new member.


In the sol for April X-3, “this iz” should be “that iz.”


82 — The third line should be DO-IT-ALONE REG.


With thanks to Geneal, Foggy, and Grendel:
June 1 afternote — Gov. Corzine’s name is Jon, not John.
F-6 — Answer 1 should be tagged NI3.
X-6 — The bottom rows should be centered with the rest of the grid. (Fixed in the online version.)
CF-16 — The C should be above the ES, not the U.


16 — The soap’s title should be Horneando el Pan, not la Pan. This doesn’t affect solving.


No errata reported so far.


22 — “Vamanos” should be “Vámonos.” Doesn't affect solving.
39 — Not an erratum: The *7 enumeration is correct. Look it up.


7 — One answer is based on a popular but incorrect pronunciation of one of the group words.
X-5 — Not an erratum, but a clarification: This puzzle is written in the style of British variety cryptics and reflects the dominant rules in the square-dealing camp there.

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