Corrigenda for the Enigma -- 2008


17 — The “6” in the byline is a typo. Please disregard.
29 — The formula for ethanol should be C2H6O.
47 — I apologize to Lilith for rewriting part of her verse, thereby trampling on her punchline. The last two lines were intended to read:

Jingle bells and Ho, ho, ho.
Yule is cool, but *SNOW is SLOW.

X-3, X-6 — I forgot to give instructions for mosaicquotes. See the February notes.
X-9 — Solvers must name the honoree to get credit for the solution.


Page 1 — The dates given for Twisto’s membership were incorrect. He joined the NPL in 1935, not 1933, and rejoined in 1983.
2 — First *4 is not MW.
December solutions — X-5, 27A: snoot, not snout. X-7, 45D: soh.


Sibyl reports that some copies of Twisto’s book were printed before these errors were found; several crossword clues were missing.
9 — (3 9 5)
X-1 — 37A Once more.
X-2 — 24D Limbless animals. 25D The song thrush.
X-3 — 58A Mediterranean.


With thanks to Passerina and Andreas:
27 — SWAN is an inferable NI3 form of an 11C word. Seems odd it’s not 11C.
48 — Actually, TWO is on Cape Cod.
84 — E should be capitalized.
X-11 — In the enumeration 3 1 6 7 should be 3 *1 6 7 (fixed online).


One of the longer flats has The Error That Cannot Be Named.
Page 6 — In the ACPT results, Odyssey, not Minipearl, placed 555th. New member Blackpool, who placed 47th, was also 3rd in C division and 3rd Rookie.
3 — Last 6 = figurative usage.
19 — The 4 is (arguably) an 11C phrase usage.
46 — That’s Will Ferrell, not Farrell.
62 — This is by Jigsaw, not Wheels. I’m terribly sorry for the mix-up. It was Jigsaw’s first flat, following his Enigma debut with a cryptic in February.


8 — BROOK is capitalized in early editions of 11C. The capitalization appears to be a typo that was corrected in later editions. (Thanks, Passerina.)
50 — Enumeration should be [4 2 4].


53 — Inferable word in reading.
Page 27 — In the April solutions, the grid for X-7 somehow lost its bottom row, which should read: MAFORETHOUGHT.


Page 3 — Apologies to Gabby, Momus, Renideo (a new composer), and Story, who were all left off the list of July contributors; they would have brought the total to 145. Momus and Story each submitted, well before the deadline, a flat that was inadvertently omitted. Other corrections to the list: Doc J is not a new composer, so her nom should not have a *; Melifer’s nom is misspelled.
Pages 7–8 — In the notes, the noms of Colossus and Melifer are misspelled.
24 — “Though” should be “through” in line 1.
45 — STARRED = not MW.


5 — B AND ALSO M's enumeration is actually [*3 *4].


3 — *2 = var., *10 = not MW.
38 — The misspelling of Philadelphia is not rubrical.
41 — Some printed copies have a wrong enumeration. It should be (5 *5); i.e., both enumeration and tag should match Aug. 37.


Forms — Printable solving templates for Grendel’s October forms can be downloaded from
X-1 — For the final answer phrase, the skipped letters are read clockwise in each ring from the numbered spaces. This phrase is required with the solution.
Page 35 — Solution for Aug. X-5 C should begin “At one time . . .”


Page 7 — Clio, the author of Clue 36, has not published a cryptic as reported.
40 — A should be *A.
76 — 1*3 = not MW. (Since these anagrams appear in a verse flat, they should be tagged following the usual flat conventions.)


F-3, F-6 — Properly, “Mobius” should be spelled with an umlaut.
X-6 — NI2 confirms the theme words.

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