Entering clues and solving a form

The clue display area

At the top of Form Friend's display area there is a clue display box:

If there is a clue for the current word, it will be displayed here. If there is no clue, the clue number will be displayed by itself.

You can toggle the display of the clue on and off by pressing Ctrl-D, or choosing Edit→Display clue for current word.

Editing clues

To enter or edit a clue for the current word, press Ctrl-T or choose Edit→Enter clue for current word. The following dialog will be displayed:

Enter the clue and press OK or Cancel. If you press Cancel, you will be returned to the form and the clue will be unchanged.

Specifying the solution to a form

A form can have two sets of letters defined: the underlying solution and the current state of the form. This permits a user to solve a form, since they may start with the underlying solution defined but the form displayed as a blank.

For this to work, the formist must specify when the form is created what the solution to the form is. This is done by choosing Edit→Capture solution when the form has been completed. Saving the form will then save the solution. Note that the solution is unchanged by modifying the letters in the form; it is only changed by telling Form Friend to capture the solution.

Revealing the solution to a form

If you are solving a form, you can reveal the current letter, the current word, or the entire form. To do this, choose Edit→Reveal, and make the appropriate choice from the reveal submenu.

Entering other information about the form

You can enter background information about the form, if you wish; this information will be saved along with the form. To do this, choose Edit→Form information; the following dialog will be displayed:

Enter whatever information you wish and choose OK; the information will be stored with the form. If you choose Cancel, you will be returned to the form with no changes made.

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