Notes about AllWords 2

Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 18:04:52 -0600

From: James Brown <>

Subject: National Puzzlers' League Word Lists -- update


I did a little processing on your consolidated allwords.txt file. I eliminated any non-word characters from the beginning and end of each line (spaces, symbols, etc.), converted the list to all lower case, sorted the list and then eliminated duplicates. This eliminated 61,536 duplicate entries (from 838,058 down to 776,522).

I have attached the new file (zip format so it is 2.6M rather than 9.5M) for your entertainment. Feel free to post it, trash it, or do what you like with it. I hereby release any and all copyright, rights, etc. back to you.

Thanks very much for making these word lists available, I found them very helpful for the project I was working on.

BTW, I offer my services, if they would be helpful, on a volunteer basis to do any further text processing of this data that you would like. I am somewhat of a Perl (Practical Extraction and Reporting Language) guru and would be happy to do analysis, data reduction, etc.

FYI -- It took me about 2 minutes and a single line of Perl on the command line to do the above text processing.


- James

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