One summer, [ Ajax ] showed me The Enigma. It all started with a puzzle about Bart Simpson or some media figure someone of my age would know. I spent the following week learning about transposals, heteronyms and rebi; acrostical enigmas, he said, would come much later. He said it was the most flats he had gotten in a long time.

Before I left for home, he xeroxed that issue for me. At some poinnt on the train ride, I pulled my copy out, eager to solve more . . . and I sat there and stared. I could not solve anything; I couldn't even understand anything. Ajax had really made me feel as if I were involved in getting the answers. I guess that is what made him such a wonderful teacher; I always felt we were doing everything together. At any rate, he gave me a subscription that Christmas.

Source: March 1997 Enigma.

First Issue: Oct 1991




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