When I was teaching at Arizona State University in 1972, a fellow professor, Lee Croft, introduced me to NPL. He dropped out a long time ago, and I do not even remember his nom . . . .

First Issue: Jan 1976




“Ajde” is a Slavic incohative command…“Let's go” or “Let's do it.” It has manifestations in Polish (her ethnic background) and in Serbian and other SL's.

Source: email from Kto-To.

Lee is correct about the meaning of my nom. I was so excited when I joined that I could hardly wait to get going!

In Serbo-Croatian (or, maybe more precisely these days: Serbian and/or Croatian), “hajde” is the dictionary form. It's treated as an imperative verbal form; you can also say “hajdemo” (or “hajdmo”), or “hajdete” (addressing more than one person)–they all mean basically the same thing–“let's” or “let's go…”. People actually *say* both “hajde” and “ajde” (The “h” in Serbo-Croatian is rougher than in American English– closer to the guttural “ch”.) And in Macedonian, the inital “h” that appears in many Balkan words often disappears. Thus, “ajde” is the standard (and probably only–though them's dangerous words in the field of linguistics…) form here.


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