I joined Saxifrage's MIT Mystery Hunt team (ACRONYM) for the 2003 Hunt and spent two years with them before finally getting pushed into joining NPL. It didn't hurt that con was in Boston in 2004, providing extra incentive. Although many ACRONYMites should take the credit (or the blame) for my joining, the biggest influence has got to be Wesley. She and I had made a deal that if one joined the other would. Then she joined and I slacked off until she managed to guilt trip me into it a few months later.

Wesley and I have since gotten Quagmire to join. He's one of my fraternity brothers and an ACRONYMite starting in 2004.

First Issue: March 2004.



My nom is based off of three things: my fraternity, my Mystery Hunt team, and an interest in astronomy, in that order. Every member of my fraternity gets a jersey with a name on the back selected by other members of his class. Mine ended up being ****ED, which is a short but censored hop from my last name, Focht. (That's German, so the ch is a k.) I ended up using Fourstar as a username in a lot of places.

When it came time to choose a nom, though, I wanted something new that was an acronym (from the Hunt team). The four brightest stars in the night sky are:

  • Sirius
  • Canopus
  • Rigil Kent
  • Arcturus

So if you read up the list and make an acronym, there you go.


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