Earl E. Byrd


Al Gebra gave me and my brother (William Hooke, no Nom as yet) gift subscriptions to The Enigma.

Source: email from Earl E. Byrd.

First Issue: Mar 1995




Here's my nom story: My father, Al Gebra, has been an Enigma member for many years. When my brother and I were young teenagers, he would occasionally share something with us from one of the issues, or challenge us to solve an easy puzzle. I found it all mildly interesting, and, since I had some ability at writing simple verses, I wrote a puzzle or two. When I sent the first of these in, I selected the nom “Earl E. Byrd”, reflecting my then tender years. Some thirty or more years later – about two years ago – Al Gebra gave Enigma gift subscriptions to both me and my brother, Bill Hooke. When I began writing puzzles, I just reverted to my old nom. I suggested to Bill that, since he had not written any early puzzles, he might want to adopt the nom “Wormless”. So far though, he has been too busy to either write puzzles or select a nom of his own choosing!


Ully Byrd: Ulk/Earl E. Byrd

  Scare E. Byrd:    Scarab/Earl E. Byrd
  Jokey Byrd:       Joker/Earl E. Byrd        


No data.

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