It was in the fall of '91 at a LI puzzle event hosted by Famulus that I first heard of the NPL. [I could stop here, leaving him to bear the blame, but I may recall another nam-oops, make that nom or two.] It may well have been Charts, or possibly Tihz Wa, [or anyone who, not to put too fine a point on it, still took that kind of break back then and would have been out in the hall with Charts and I] who first mentioned the NPL, and likely Senor who had a minisample or mailed one to me soon after.

First Issue: Jan 1992




Guess I need to take a nom if you're going to use this, so let it be Jake. [Later]: It's probably not as good a story as you're expecting, just my half of the 'combinom' my husband devised for us as an email address. While my logo is visual, and so could not be used, he (George Ebbinghousen) signs his paintings Ebby. I think Jake is a fairly standard nickname for Jacobs, so the choice is fine with me.


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