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First Issue: Ross (of Faro) had 1919 as the year of the first appearance of Kappa Kappa's nom in the Enigma. Using that year as a starting point, I started tracking back until around 1914 (her nom kept showing up), and then went to a 1906 membership directory I have – her nom did not appear in it. Her nom does appear in the the Oct 1911 Enigma, which is the first Enigma issue any of us have after 1906. So, she became a member sometime between 1907 and 1911.

Source: email from Mercury

I found this quote in the Mystic mentionings column on page 7 of the August 1910 issue: “A cordial welcome is extended to the newcomers: Marmion, M.C.S., Jack, Frank Lynn, St. Julian, Kappa Kappa, H. S. Nut, and Old Fellow.”

Source: email from Geneac



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Other Notes

Geneac has traced references to Kappa Kappa as early as July 1904. It seems apparent that in those early days people often participated without being members, and Kappa Kappa was on record as both a solver and a composer.

The following letter from an early puzzler, Delmonte, is also of interest as it contains references to Kappa Kappa.


    "On July 1st 1909, I sent Willie Wildwave $2.00 for a year's
    dues in the E. P. L. and the same was officially accounted
    for in the report of the July 1909 meeting. I understood that
    it was desired to get 100 of us to form an 'old guard' and by
    paying $2.00 each annually, for three years to provide funds
    for a monthly journal. I expect to send Wildwave another
    $2.00 next July. I think the change to annual meetings a bad
    move. I would favor quarterly in preference. The meetings are
    a good thing, and one cannot have too much of a good thing.
    Push it along! I am still a believer in consolidation.--If
    Forms, Oracle and Eastern Enigma could be consolidated, I
    think we would have a journal to be proud of. 
    The principal trouble with puzzledom at this time is that
    it is too "classy." There is nothing to catch and hold the
    attention of the younger set. Since the demise of Arty
    Fishel, the dom has had no foster parent, until the advent
    of Kappa Kappa. I believe K.-K. is doing more for the
    future of the cause than any other puzzler. Yourself, Beech
    Nut and Alec Sander are catering to us "old fogies," but
    after we are all gone to the beyond, it will be some of
    K.K.'s proteges who will keep the good work going. The
    struggling neophyte will expend as much energy and industry
    in evolving a nine diamond, alternate consonant and vowel,
    as Holt will in constructing a nine square, and the
    beginner ought to be encouraged. Besides, what do I care?
    If I ever get rich enough and have time, I am going to
    inaugurate a journal for the exclusive use of the "comers,"
    and if Holt should offer me that prospective ten square I
    would consign him and the square to that realm where they
    sleep "three on a grid."
    D. Ross phones me that he has purchased the nine list. I
    think the compilation of that list was misplaced energy.
    What is the use? The nine square is a failure---it rarely
    contains a "live" word---and I believe that I can
    reconstruct more of them without references. An occasional
    diamond wreck may be rescued from oblivion by that list,
    but is it worth while?
    Let's try to cut the "class" down to reasonable limits.
    What interest have we in Uroetas Audox of Australia, even
    if he is otherwise known as the wedge tailed eagle?

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