I first heard about the NPL through Crax and Daz. We, and others, would meet weekly to do group cryptic crossword solving. Although I took an occasional interest, I didn't actually join until my sister, Isis, told me that she had joined. Not to be outdone by a sibling, I signed up shortly thereafter.

First Issue: Apr 1994




My nom is a straightforward reversal of my first name. I have been using it as an email address for many years. When Isis joined, she suggested that using Nero as a nom would allow us the combinom of “Neurosis”. I couldn't disappoint her, so I used it.

As an interesting side note, I happened to look up Nero in a book of baby names years after I first reversed my first name. Imagine my surprise to find that Nero was Latin meaning “stern”, which is my last name! I guess I can actually claim a double origin for my nom.


  • Neurosis: Nero/Isis


No data.

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