Pen Gwyn


Recruiting was a long process, starting with seeing a write-up in the met life house organ about the woman I had seen doing the final puzzles in Stamford–so I called her and she was kind enough to fill me in on NPL, it was En, of course. But [I] didn't do anything until I borrowed Ditto's 'Nig to look through at the NYU x-word tourney–what was that called anyway? and Senor gave me a minisample, so all were involved.

First Issue: Aug 1984



[I] just have always been a penguin fancier–even went to Patagonia to band some of the little flightless dears with the NY zoological assoc. So [I] looked up the derivation and found it came from two Welsh words meaning white headland, and probably based on misidentification of auks–but this derivation is now being disputed.


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