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jlo - a new recruit from San Antonio press release in Thursday paper. It was only a 2 inch blurb that mentioned our name and the dates of convention. She “googled” National Puzzlers' convention and found our wiki. After reading what she could online, she was hooked and came to opening festivities on Thursday night. She saw me in my “Rebel” visor and insisted on joining immediately. We sat together and visited that evening, she made out a check to NPL and Dart did the honors of hand printing her nom tag onsite. She came back on Friday afternoon to hear session that discussed the “perfect puzzle” of all different categories. jlo loved it, but had to return to work Friday and already had other plans for weekend that, regretfully, could not be changed.


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  • 2nd Vice President (2008 - present)
  • Secretary (2002 - 2007)
  • Con host TexSaCon 2006 in San Antonio, TX.

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