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Of course, I joined because of Sibyl. I have never been in love with word puzzles, though I can usually do them readily enough. I much more enjoy reading the verse. For example, I'm sure I've read all of Windjammer's stuff, and thanks to the editor's back-issues that I ordered and maintained for many years I've even read everything she wrote before I joined. When I started printing the Enigma I'd always scan it first for her stuff. I still look for the poets first.




I picked my nom offhandedly, without remembering where it was from. A month later I looked it up, and yes, it was the name of the dragon in The Hobbit that could only be lulled with riddles and verse. This is not surprising to me as I've always had a dragon thing: born in a year of the dragon, etc. My relationship to the NPL has also been somewhat dragonish: guarding vast treasure but making no particular use of it, myself. I first read The Hobbit on a sunny afternoon in 1967 in a park in Haight-Ashbury, while totally snorked on acid.


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