In the Summer of 1992, I came to NYC as part of the US team for the First World Puzzle Championship. While there I met WILLz, Chainsaw, Helene, G, Ames, and Fraz along with some others briefly. However, Fraz decided that I should learn more about cryptics and other word puzzles (since at that time I was just a math and logic puzzle person). So he suggested that I join the Krewe. He sent me an Enigma sampler, and I accidentally forgot about it. (I still have the sampler he sent me.)

Over the past three years, I have become more involved in puzzles through the MIT Mystery Hunt and a curiosity for word puzzles. Through the Mystery Hunt I had met people like Wombat, Eric, Lunch Boy, Squonk, and Al Desuda. This January [Ed. 1996?], Wombat came to me and reminded me that I should join, and after his repeated pleas and goading, I did.

Wombat convinced me to go to the 1998 Stamford tournment: This was my first public event as an NPL member.

First Issue: Feb 1996




The story of my nom, Sprout, is nothing special. Sprout, of course, is the little side kick of the Jolly Green Giant. (My stature matches his well.) During college, Sprout was my pledge name in my fraternity, and I always liked it. I picked my nom 6 years ago (when Fraz first told me to join), and today I still respond to Sprout from my college days.



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