T McAy


Fraz recruited me for NPL…twice. The second time was following a lapse in my subscription. After attending the 1998 con I'm glad I rejoined. I guess that means that the NPL tree is at least partially deciduous.

First Issue: May 1996



My nom, as many con attendees figured out, is a rebus on my real name Todd McClary (T + odd (letters in) McClary). I actually thought of it years before I knew of NPL's existence. I was invited to submit crosswords to a publication, and told that the bylines would all be wordplay “nicknames” of the constructors. ”WILLz” was given as an example, so I figured that the nicknames must all involve a rebus. The crossword publishing arrangement fell through, and I was left with a nickname and no place to use it…until I joined NPL. Incidentally, some Krewe members at the convention pointed out that “T McAy” is difficult to say, so I will also respond to “Tymac” or simply “T.”


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