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Btnirn —> Ucaoimhu.

Source: npl-folk email from Btnirn.

First Issue: Jan 1995



My nom is a rebus of sorts. The solution is my name (Kevin Wald) and the reading is “Kev in W (ald)”. If one looks in the Oxford English Dictionary, one finds that “ald” is a dialectal form of “old.” Well, an old W is just two U's, and the “Kev” in my first name is “Caoimh” if one spells the name the old way (i.e., with the original Irish spelling: “Caoimhghin” or “Caoimhin”). Thus, Kev in W (ald) = CAOIMH in UU = UCAOIMHU.

//Pronunciation:// OO-kev-oo.

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