1979 Convention Photos

Pictures From Stamford, CT

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo.

Standing: Ola, Bairn, April's Child, Hap, Nightowl, Mona Lisa, Mrs. Dada, Mercury, Faro, Ginger Ella, Dada, Dee Sweet, Ajax, Hart King, Philana, Grinch, Coleus, Mrs. Blackstone, Mrs. Coleus, Witchword, Mr. Witchword, Blackstone, Mangie, Ivie

Kneeling: Willz, Jaybirds, Spout, Ditto, Mr. Ditto, Sidewalk, Mrs. Grinch, Anemone, Brutus, Eos

Seated: Uniqorn, Prof. Pampelmuse, Puck, Double-H, Random Walk, Dikdik, N, Senor, Treesong, Merlin, Larry

Some of these people have died, some are no longer members, some have changed their noms and some spouses that didn't have noms then have them now.

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