National Puzzlers' League -- 1983 Convention

Pictures From the 1983 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo:

Willz, Ajax, Ab Struse, David Kahn, Ola, Mrs. Tweaser, Senor, Newrow, Mr. Ceres, Ceres, Mr. Lolita, Lolita, Zonker, Triviac
Twisto, Blackstone, Hart King, Mrs. Hart King, Manx, Brutus, Tweaser, Mrs. Ohm, Baby Ohm, Sir Ohm, Hap, Rho, Mrs. Zonker, Guest Of Zonkers, Stitch, Ditto, Ben Stone, Not Insane!, George Groth
Ulk, Larry, Windjammer, 144, Era Jr., Era, Mash, Knotsmith, Nightowl, Mrs. Dada, Dada, Dikdik, Hudu, Guest of Twisto (Val-U?)
Mrs. Balckstone, Mrs. Larry, Faro, Ai, Alaraph, Atlantic, Anemone, Avidan, W?N
Faro, Te-Zir-Man, Louli, Quip, Double-H, Mr. Ginger Ella, En, Philana, Mercury, Mrs. Omar, Miss Omar, Omar

Alf, Mangie, Treesong, Gadjet, Eric, April's Child, Sluggo, Dee Sweet, Rainbow, Elf, Todd Hovanec, Famulus, Bruce Darrow, Merlin, Graydol, Nan Stone, Ginger Ella

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