National Puzzlers' League -- 1985 Convention

Pictures From the 1985 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo.

1St Row: Te-Zir-Man, Rainbow, Mangie, Wim, Philana, Ceres, Mrs. Tivoli, Tivoli, Willz;

2Nd Row: Mrs. Punster, Visitor, Ginger Ella, Gnome, Faro, Eric, Junebug, Eos, Anemone, En, Arachne, Graydol, Mrs. Hart King, Hart King, Treesong, Alf, Sluggo (with Mrs. Grinch peeking out behind).

Also present-in not very clear order: Rho, Mrs. Larry, Ruthless, Twisto, Val-U, Mrs. W?N, W?N, Mrs. Blackstone (Almost Invisible Behind Eric), Windjammer, Hudu, Merlin, two guests of Graydol (I think), Mrs. Ai, Ai, Elf, Punster, Ulk, Ditto, Pen Gwyn, The Poo, Famulus, Mrs. Famulus, Stitch, Faro, Colmar, Planton, Mrs. Quip, Mercury, Mop, Windrift, Ola, Manx, Dikdik, Mrs. Tweaser, Senor, Ten-Four, Quip, Kremlin, Atlantic, Not Insane!, Momus, Larry, Oak, Fomalhaut, Blackstone, Grinch, Tweaser.

Camera shy: Sibyl

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