National Puzzlers' League -- 1988 Convention

Pictures From the 1988 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo:

Front row: Atlantic, Trazom, Willz, Ulk, Te-Zir-Man, Droid, Hot, Sam, Alice, Coffee, Under Groth, Treesong, Banterweight, Fraz

Row 2: Hudu, Shrdlu, Avidan, FAro, Eric, Junebug, En, Hap, Jo The Loiterer<BR> Row 3: Ginger Ella, Millipede, Evita, Mangie, Visitor, Eos, Dada, Poi, Famulus, Ditto, Ubiq, Pap Ndrome, Ruthless, Philana, Windjammer, Eileen Petitto, Minimus, Merlin, Nina Kurzban, Munro, Nightowl, Ai, Stitch, Sluggo

Row 4: Mehitabel, Alf, Pen Gwyn, Senor, Joker, Tweaser, Quip, Ajax, Daz, Momus, Manx, Qaqaq, FaRO, Smaug, Panache, Ronnie Allen, George Groth with Colin Richards

Camera shy: Sibyl

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