The 1992 Convention of the NPL

Pictures From San Diego, CA

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo:

Front row: Eric, Junebug (holding Iambic), Jo The Loiterer, Banterweight, Fraz

Seated: Charts, Looophole, Val-U, Sluggo, En, Famulus, Jaelti, Twisto, Willz, Helene

First row standing: Ai, Elfman, Uncanny, Cork, Eos, Grinch, Jo Liddell (Mrs. Grinch), Senor (behind Jo), Mira Shapiro, Mehitabel, Ditto, Armadillo, Ubiq, Brillig, Dada, Avidan, Arbutus, Mangie, Treesong, 317537

Second row: Hot, Mr. Tex (horizontal stripes), Beacon, Tyger, Pen Gwyn, Ajde, Tihz Wa, Shrdlu, Coach, Quip, Poi, Ulk, Philana, Gemini, Panache.

Back row: Canon, Chex, Smaug, Jeremy Bagai, Atlantic, Bruce Hatrak, Bambam, Hudu, Manx, Al Dente, Momus, Sanit, Ron Dines, Alf, Qaqaq, Trazom, Merlin, Mercury, Minimus

Not Pictured: Ariel, Bill Cook, Rindy Hartmann, P. Jayne Jacobs, Denis Reiss (Mrs. Tex), Sibyl, Trudi Tunick (Mrs. Panache), Widdershins

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