National Puzzlers' League -- 1995 Convention

Pictures From the 1995 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo.

First row (front): Xeipon (T-shirt), Lunch Boy (vest), Banterweight, Jo the Loiterer, Fraz, Val-U

Second row (kneeling): Hot, Alice, Twisto, Beacon, Aesop, Willz, Eric

First standing clump at left: Pen Gwyn, Famulus (glasses), Bambam, Maelstrom, Ditto, Chex, Witz, En

From front to back: Mehitabel (behind Hot), 100 Down, Journey. Elfman, Al Dente, Smaug.

Charts, Luv, Spoonful, Cache (left of Quip), Libra (nomtag), Poi, Uncanny, Quip, Dandylion (much beard). Lyric, Avidan Momus.

Asobi, Helene, Snowhite, Spencer Sun, Senor.

Slik, Tilegod, Arbutus, Wombat, Qaqaq.

C'atty, Rastelli, Ulk (cap, behind/between Arbutus and Rastelli), Al Desuda, George Groth.

Tyger, Squonk, Erica Rothstein (Sunglasses), Gemini, Crax.

Treesong (With Carrie A. Grapefruit), Loophole, Sunshine, Trazom, Minimus (hat).

Panther, Coach, Ubiq, Wagstaff, Jrman (right of Minimus).

R/Eds, Sheila Suarez (Bluff's wife), Dada, Merlin, Manx (left of Merlin).

Abacus, Bluff, Hart King, Irbs, Panache.

Mangie, Ai, Joker (beard and Tie), Sluggo, Shrdlu.

Attending, not pictured: Daz, Rachel Findley, Sam and Rachel Freund, Hart Burn, Iolanthe, Manache, Plaid, Sibyl, Wiz, Wolf Gal, relatives or friends of Ai, Banterweight, R/Eds, Witz.

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