National Puzzlers' League -- 1996 Convention

Pictures From the 1996 Convention

Here is the list of noms and names for the photo.

Row 1: Tim, A-Plus, Charts, JrMan, Asobi, Willz, Minimus, Slik, Beacon, George Groth, Twisto, Val-U, Storyteller, J-9

Row 2: Cork, Hot, Arachne, R/eds, Helene, Nola, Eric, Famulus, En, “Machine Gun” Manx, “Enforcer” Irbs, Jo the Law-Terror, Banterweight, Fraz, Coach, Treesong, Hygd, Uncanny

Row 3: Pen Gwyn, Jaelti, Tweaser, Poi, mehitabel, Bactam, Ubiq, Dada, Arbutus, Brillig, Ditto, Ulk, G,Ames, Gem, Tyger, Abacus, Avidan, Tihz Wa, Miz Wa, Aesop, Ai, Philana

Row 4: Maelstrom, Dandy Lion, Lyric, Wolf Gal, Atlantic, Chainsaw, Shrdlu, Leonardo, Mercury, Quip, Munro, QED, Rain Man, 100 Down

Row 5: Sluggo, Wombat, Bluff, Alf, RandD, DandR, Panther, Junebug, Xeipon, Momus, Wolverine, Lunch Boy, Trazom, Al DeSuda, Squonk, Btnirn, C'atty, Ucaoimhu, Teki, Ember, Panache

Not shown: Gemini, Manache, Loophole, Sanit, Owen O'Donnell

More pictures are by QED. password required

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