1997 Convention Photos

The Official Con Photo

1997 Convention photo (large--334Kb).

From left to right, these are the people in the photo:

Front row: Melifer, Val-U, Abacus, Lunch Boy, Aesop, Jo the Loiterer, Banterweight, Fraz, Anomaly, R/Eds, En, Eric, Geneac, Ariadne, Cache, 100 Down

Second row: Ulk, Twisto, Charts, Etc., Wombat, Quiz, Philana, Merlin, Mercury, Nucky, Qed, Hart King, Atlantic, Panther, Btnirn,

Third row: Squonk, Munro, Pebbles, Bactam, Jrman, Sew Do I, Blossom, Xeipon, Gem, Kannik, Famulus, Tyger, Treesong, Momus, Ucaoimhu, Qaqaq.

Fourth row: Poi, G,Ames, Libra, Kray, Contralto, Hypatia, Ember, Turtle, Queen B, Uncanny, Sanit.

Fifth row: Quip, Tweaser, Witz, Lyric, Al Desuda, Rebel Endgame, Slik, Argon, Mehitabel, Bambam.

Sixth row: Arachne; Hot; Trazom; Shrdlu; Pen Gwyn; Smith, Tim S.; Coach; Sluggo; Wagstaff; Crax

Seventh row: Tihz Wa, 317537, Ditto, Rain Man, Irbs, Manx, Wolverine, Taki, Triviac

Back row, and then over on the wall: “Andrew”, Wrybush, Chex, Wampahoofus, Maelstrom, Panache, Chainsaw, Beck, George Groth, Asobi, Willz.

Not pictured: Bluff, Evita, Gr8Nswl, Luv, Mr. Ree, Normal E, Manache, Quest, Storyteller, J-9, Trick.

Pictures were taken by Asobi.

Pictures taken by Blossom.

Pictures taken by Kannik

Pictures taken by Maelstrom.

Pictures taken by QED

Picture taken by Tyger

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