1999 Convention - Big Sky, Montana


Official convention photo

Back row: Canon, Alf, Myles Callum, Alger, Dandylion, Dada, Sanit, D. Ness, George Groth, Wrybosh, Dandr, Willz, G Natural, Arbutus, Mercury, Qaqaq, Crax, QED, 100 Down, Atlantic, Momus [top of head—sorry, Momus!], Chex, Xiepon, Teki, Cazique, Munro, Dart, Al DeSuda [from nose up—sorry again], Ember, Maelstrom [well, 75% of his face, I guess that's enough not to warrant another apology], Wampahoofus, Manx, Wombat, Trazom, Anomaly, T McAy, Lyric, Noam, Joker.

Next row: Libra, Amy Kurzban [formerly Gymnast, now undecided], Ratso, Val-U, /dev/joe, Twisto, Eric, En, Sprout, Charts, mehitabel, Sew Do I, Ucaoimhu, R/EDS, JrMan, Sue++, Ariadne, Lilith, Jo the Loiterer, Avidan, Banterweight, Panther, Fraz, Melifer, Abacus, Irbs, Gail Stillson, Randd, Arachne, Sam.

Kneelers: Elfman, Kaizen, Marianne Bonner, Bactam, Music Man, Jon Dark, Ai, Philana, Tyger, Cabby, Treesong, Nomless, Coach, Hot, Kray.

Sitters: Maura Gallagher, Bartok, Rebel, Poi, Quip, Uncanny, Slik, Kate the Great, Trick, Famulus, Saxifrage, Lunch Boy, Rastelli, Gotcha, Sappho, Cecil, Squonk, Pen Gwyn.

Not pictured: Btnirn, Joan Cole, Chloe & Wyatt Cole, Daz, Peter Durant, Fishmagic, J-9, Mr. Eos, Gayle Schulman, Shrdlu, Storyteller, Nan Wiener, Naomi Kosman-Wiener, Ubiq, Neil Webb, giant grizzly bear lurking off camera ready to devour us all.

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