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The 163rd Convention of The National Puzzlers' League

Vancouver, BC

July 11-14, 2002

The Offical Con photo


Who was here?

Note: The definition of a “Row” is somewhat loose. Do your best to find the correspondence between this listing and the photo.

  • Back Row: Mica, Qaqaq, Teki, Cramerica, Artistry, Cache, Dandr, QED, Atlantic, Wrybosh, Sisyphus's Assistant
  • Row 8: Uncanny, Rebel, lololo, Codex, Shadow, Spelvin, Vebrile, Cazique, Neuromancer, 100 Down, Crax, Endgame, Bartok, Lunch Boy, Otherwise, Bluff
  • Row 7: 79, Ember, Xemu, Roy, Trazom, Wampahoofus, Wanderer, Peter
  • Row 6: Wombat, Gotcha, Tahnan, Jangler, John Miller, Fuldu, Zoe, Dragonfly, Okapi, Dodo, Lyric, zebraboy, Deneb
  • Row 5: Mrs. Xelint, Xelint, Kray, Quip, Poi, Harp, Rastelli, D.Ness, Sue++, Squonk, Cecil, Ai, Charts
  • Row 4: Libra, IRBS, Manx, George Groth, Elfman, /dev/joe, Kegler, Ucaoimhu, Coach, Saxifrage, Treesong, T McAy, Mooncalf, The Foole, Hot
  • Row 3: PDP, mehitabel, Evita, Niblits, Phantom, Panther, JrMan, Jo the Loiterer, Emanon, Sidhe, Noam, Tyger
  • Row 2: Fair E-Girl, Hooligan, Geneac, Kaizen, Sew Do I, Sluggo, BanterWeight, Ditto, Kite, En, Helene, Val-U, Last Minute, Eric, Lucis, Twisto
  • Front Row: Lilith, Murdoch, Svenska, Shrdlu, Fraz, Willz, Andreas, Witz, Dart, Mazy, Sprout, Pen Gwyn, Voks

Not shown: ESPN, Light Bulb, Sanit, Slik, Evon, James Ernest, Leaper, Teeuwynn Woodruff, Tootall, Moose Mitts, Kitten, Uneasy, Mrs. Ai, Local Troller

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