All information about current and future NPL conventions is on the Convention web site:

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Past Conventions

The NPL has been holding conventions since 1883. The 2008 convention was the 169th. Willz, the League Historian, has compiled a complete list of all conventions and the editors in place at each convention.

Pictures and convention reports from previous conventions will be published as they are obtained. Some pictures are available to Members Only.


Mini-conventions are held on an ad hoc basis around the country. Click below for some photographs, reports, and miscellanea concerning various recent regional gatherings.

Online Events

Intercoastal Altercations

Other Events

Labor Intensive
Greetings! At 12:00 noon EST, Monday September 4th 2006, I'll be posting a 12-puzzle 'ganza online at The timing might give you a clue to the theme. There's a (modest) prize for the first person to solve everything. Hope many of you play!

1) The 1984 official Con photo did not turn out, and so was never sent to the attendees. If you have a photo that you took yourself, or know of someone who has one, either of the official “pose” or of any activity from the 1984 Con, please contact the webmaster. We'd love to complete the archives!
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