Krewe's Line Is It Anyway (chat)

(Introduced to chat by Maelstrom)

A host prepares a short program of improvisational games in the style of the “Whose Line Is It Anyway” television show. Volunteers perform in the games and simply try to create some entertaining scenes. Common KLIIA games include:

  • Alphabet Scene. Group of performers presents a scene in which each line starts with a successive letter of the alphabet.
  • Emoticon Props. Performers divide in teams and are given strings of keyboard symbols by the host. Teams alternate presenting one-liners referring to or incorporating the strings.
  • Film Styles. Performers present a scene styled after various types of film, theatre and television. The styles are suggested by non-players and periodically interjected into the scene by the host.
  • The Hoedown. Each performer improvises a quatrain on a topic suggested by the host or a non-player.
  • Questions Only. Performers present a scene speaking only in questions.
  • Quirk Games. The host gives a group of performers each a secret quirk, and another performer must guess the quirks during a scene. In “Party quirks” the guesser is the host of a party determining quirks among his guests. In “Let's Make a Date” the guesser is the questioner on a “Dating Game”-type show determining quirks among the prospective dates. “At the NI4 Deadline” is set in a dictionary publishing office where the guesser/editor is determining quirks among the definition-suggesting subeditors.
  • Scenes from a (Virtual) Hat. Host gives performers ideas for short scenes (one or two lines). Scene ideas are usually collected from non-players beforehand.
  • World's Worst. Performers present the world's worst things to say or do being in occupations, situations, etc. named by the host.
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