Letterhead (con)

(These rules are provided by roy; first played at IndyCon in the wee hours with a number of people)

Teams of 7 players each get a letter that they cannot see (e.g., they are holding it above their heads). Without help from outsiders, who are free to laugh, they rearrange themselves to spell words in order to figure out what letters they have. Players may only talk amongst themselves about words, not letters – i.e., it's ok to say “we can't make a word with you and those three,” but not “you're a vowel” or “if you were an A ….” When all team members think they know their letters, they call time, then say what letters they think they are.

This is mostly an exhibition game. When played competitively, each team of seven people is timed. Shortest time wins. Teams that get a letter wrong are after all other teams that did not get a letter wrong.

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