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Remember, the U.S. Postal Service and its letter carriers are not familiar with our noms. Address mail to members' full names.

For more detailed information on puzzle and solution submissions, please see Guidelines, SUBMITTING PUZZLES FOR PUBLICATION and SUBMITTING SOLUTION LISTS.

FLATS:   Send by E-mail (preferred) to Crax: editor©puzzlers.org. Include solutions, separated by some space, in the same message. Include your nom and city/state at the end of each flat.

For regular mail: type your flats or print them neatly, on one side of the paper with solutions on the back. Put your nom and city/state after each flat or once on a full page of anagrams. If you have many puzzles and no E-mail access, send, if possible, on an IBM-type 3.5 inch disk, in DOS, ASCII, or Microsoft Word (include a printout). Send to Crax:

FORMS:   Type or print clearly. Give a source for every word that doesn't appear in 10C; include the solutions. Send to Jo the Loiterer: E-mail (preferred): jothe©puzzlers.org

CRYPTOGRAMS:   Send with solutions and proposed titles to Mosiac: E-mail (preferred): Mosayc©puzzlers.org

EXTRAS (except cryptic crosswords):  Send with solutions to Vroo: E-mail: Vroo©puzzlers.org

CRYPTIC CROSSWORDS:   Send, with separate solutions, to TRAZOM and HOT: E-mail (preferred): cryptics©puzzlers.org

Joshua Kosman
133 Henry Street
San Francisco CA 94114
Henri Picciotto
1805 Monterey Avenue
Berkeley CA 94707

SOLUTION LISTS:   Type or neatly print your solutions in numerical order, preferably in columns. (It s fine to send explanatory intermediate steps, like rebus readings, along with your sols but never instead of them.) List favorites (kudos), if any, at the end. Indicate a top favorite, if any (only one), with an exclamation point. (Favorites may be puzzles, articles, or anything else in The ENIGMA; you don t have to solve a puzzle to make it a favorite.) Send your solutions early enough to meet the deadline printed at the start of the Penetralia section. Send to Endgame:

FAVORITES:   See SOLUTION LISTS, above. You may send sols and no kudos; you may also send a favorites list and no solutions. Send to Wampahoofus.

RENEWALS:   Your Enigma mailing label will carry the message One more issue or Last issue renew now as a reminder. Send renewal checks to the treasurer:

CHANGE OF ADDRESS or NOM:   Notify the Treasurer by E-mail (treasurer©puzzlers.org) or regular mail (see above).

REQUEST FOR MINISAMPLES:   Send a SASE to the EDITOR. An on-line copy of the minisample may also be viewed and downloaded on the Internet.

REQUEST FOR BACK ISSUES:   Write to the EDITOR; enclose $1.00 (or current price--see Enigma masthead) for each issue.

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