Nom Stories

Here is a list of all noms for which the webmasters have any information about either recruitment, recruits, or nom. Each nom is a link to the nom page for that member. There is also a graphical representation of this information available.

Sources for the stories in these pages: most of them are emails from npl-folk. However, to simplify things, pages do not generally indicate the source if it is a communication either to npl-folk or directly to the webmaster from the member concerned.

Please note that pages are often edited slightly and have not always indicated where. Due to the technical problems, the graphics are updated rather less frequently than the text files. Many of the changes are only cosmetic updates to ensure the page displays consistently. Others add links to noms or selected companies, add additional content, format publication names, or similar updates.

This collection was started by Lucifer during his tenure as and is maintained as a reference for the NPL members. If you do not have a page here, or want something changed or corrected, please email the

100 Down Del Oso Lena Ghinner Satyr Eyes
144 Diagraph Leshy Saxifrage
317537 Ditto Libra Searcher
415 lb of Snake D. Ness Li'l Gamin Seaside
5337 Double-H Lilith Senor
Abacus Dragonfly Lionheart Serendipity
A.Bizdad Dyeti ln sin t Sew Do I
Ab Struse (e)met Loophole Shaft
Aesop Earl E. Byrd Loquacious Sheba
Ai Elfman Love Bug Shenanigan
Ajakes El Uqsor Lucifer Sholem
Ajax Emanon Lucis Shrdlu
Ajde Ember Lunch Boy Sibyl
Alaraph En Luv Sidhe
Alcuina Endgame Lyric Sir Ohm
al dente Epilog Maelstrom Slik
Al Desuda Ergo Manache Sluggo
Alf Eric Mangie Smaug
Al Gebra etc. Maniac Smith, Tim S
Alice Evero Manx Snapdragon
Amalgam Evita Maro Snowhite
Amber EyeSore Maya Snowkroppe
Andreas Famulus Meerkat Someone
Anomaly Faro mehitabel Soul Toast
A.P. Doo Foggy Melifer Spelvin
April's Child Foobar Mephisto Spoonful
Arachne Fraz Mercury Spout
Arbutus Fuldu Merlin Sprout
Arch Fun Micropod Squonk
ARCS Futhark Millipede Stax
Arepo Gabby Minim Stilicho
Ariadne G,Ames Minimus Stitch
Artistry Gamin Mobot Storyteller
Arty Ess Gandalf Momus Sue++
Askew Gem Mona Sufi
Asobi Geneac Monster Tablesaw
Atlantic Geneal Mooncalf Tahnan
Atom George Groth Moss Teeuwynn
Avidan Ghossiologmargn Mountain Mama Teki
Azureware G Natural Mr. Tex The Foole
B++ Gnome Munro Tihz Wa
Bactam Gotcha Nekton Tilegod
Bambam Grams N.E.One Tinhorn
Banterweight Grinch Nero Tin Riches
Bartok Hap Newrow T McAy
Beaux Eaux Hart King Niblits Toonhead!
Beldam Hathor Nightowl Torpedo
Belles Lettres Helene Nirah The Unique Tracer
Beo Hex Noam Trash
Besantius Hohenzollern Non Sequitur Trazom
Beyond Hot Not Insane! treacle
Big Daddy Hudu Nucky Treesong
Billy The Kid Hydra Oak Trick
Blackstone Iambic Oedipus Tril
Blade Imagine Cod Ostrich Triviac
HiJack Indigo Ozymandias Tweaser
Blaze Iolanthe Pamapama TwinA
Blossom IRBS Panache Twisto
Bluff Isis Panther Tyger
B. Natural J-9 Passerina Ubiq
Boffin Jaelti Patience Ucaoimhu
Booksie Jake Peabody Ulk
Bookworm Jangler Pearls Uncanny
Brillig Jasmine Pebbles Uniqorn
Brym Java Pekoe Val-U
Btnirn Java (2) Pen Gwyn Visitor
Buttorkup Jaws-2 Peri Vladimir, Eld
Cabby Jaws Phantom Voks
Cache Jaybirds Philana Vroo
Calliope Jeffurry Placeholder Wabbit
Calno Joker Plaid Wagstaff
Canon Jon Dark Plex Wampahoofus
Caspian Jopiquiem Poi Weasel
Cat Jo The Loiterer PS.P WebCatt
C'Atty JrMan Pugsley WeeFoot
Cazique Junction Qaqaq Werdna
cent Junebug QED Wesley
Chainsaw Jynx Qoz Wild (K)night
Chameleon Jypsy Quag WILLz
Charts Kaizen Queen B Windjammer
Chex Kannik Quest Windrift
Coach Kappa Kappa Quip Witz
Codex Kapry Korn Quiz W?N
Cogito Kate the Great Rainbow Wolf
Coleus Kea Rain Man Wolverine
Conjurman Kegler Rashi Wombat
Contralto Kibbee Rebel Woodie
Cookie Monster King Frivolity R/EDS Wrybosh
Cork Kite Renideo XEIPON
Count Kitsune Rexhame Xemu
Cramerica Knotsmith Reynard Xyzzy
Crax Known Rho Ys
C.Saw Kool Rick zebraboy
cycle Kray Roamin' Zeugma
Dada Kremlin Rowen Zonker
Dandr Kto-To Rubrick Zordo
Dart Kumquat Ruthless  
Daz Lanx Sanit  
Dee Sweet lefty Saphir  

Other Nom Resources

  • Faro has collected a list of all of the noms known to be used by members of the National Puzzlers' League. This is available as a PDF from Noms, Cons, and Offices Members Only.
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