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Jaelti writes: “It saddens me to report that Cork passed away on Sunday, May 6, after a long illness. The many new members will not have heard of him, as he was not active in recent years, but he solved at home, and enjoyed creating knight’s-tour crypts. We were married for 61 years, and have a wonderful family. My son, David, is a puzzler and has attended Stamford for several years now.”

I’m very sorry to hear of Jaelti’s loss, and I extend my condolences to her and her family. Cork has been a member of the Krewe since 1989. The following information is taken from his obituary in the Ocean County Observer (May 8). By all appearances, he led an active, creative, and rewarding life.

At 17, Cork enlisted in the Army, and attended the Army Specialized Training Program at Harvard. He served in World War II with the 399th Infantry Regiment in France and Germany as a radio operator. He was wounded in action, and was hospitalized for a year before his honorable discharge. He was awarded the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart, and the Distinguished Service Medal.

He received a master of engineering degree from Stevens Institute of Technology. He worked as an engineer and manager, and later became the operations officer for the Student Center at William Paterson College. He was active as a leader of his community and his church. He was a life member of Sigma Phi Epsilon and the VFW.

Cork was a pianist, and performed with Jaelti in many shows at local clubs. He was president of Kiwanis, two-time president of the Westernaires, a choral organization, and performed many times with a small vocal group known as Qwest.

He painted in his leisure time. His oils and pastels grace the walls of his daughter Barbara’s home.

Cork, along with Jaelti, was an avid traveler who visited much of Europe and the U.S. In the course of his travels he attended NPL conventions, and he is fondly remembered by Krewe who met him there.


After I had been solving for a while, he began to construct Knights Tour stuff, and I assured him he had to be a member in order to submit it.

Source: npl-folk email from Jaelti.

First Issue: Jul 1989




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