Dee Sweet


During the late 1970's the New York Times was on strike, and I was desolate without the Sunday puzzles. In an airplane magazine rack I chanced upon Atlantic Monthly and Harper's, where I discovered the most unusual puzzles I had ever seen. By the end of the flight, I began to catch a glimmer of how to solve, but much still eluded me. When I returned home, I consulted the local librarian, who referred me to Helene Hovanec who at that time lived nearby and whose book The Puzzler's Paradise, had just been published. Helene introduced me to NPL, which I joined in January 1979.

In the early years, I had a flat published in nearly every issue, and I submitted solutions lists consistently until about a year ago when my own work (toy consultant and syndicated toy and game reviewer) took over more and more of my life. But I still eagerly look forward to Enigma and marvel at how the brilliance of both the puzzles and solvers has increased over the years.

Source: Email from Dee Sweet.

First Issue: Jan 1979




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