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When I took over Word Ways from Greenwood Press in 1970, Fa was anxious to increase circulation, and among other things wrote B.Natural about telling NPL members about Word Ways. (I believe she got his name from the introduction to Borgmann's Language on Vacation.) He wrote back in a most pessimistic vein, saying that the NPL had only about 25 members who were between 75 and 90 years of age, so we let the matter drop. Some months later, I was in correspondence with Merlin, then a Word Ways subscriber. Responding to a letter that Fa had sent him (among others) about building up Word Ways' subscription base, he suggested that we write the new editors of NPL, Pamapama. They were quite receptive to an exchange of advertisements, and urged us to join the NPL, which we did. So Merlin may be said to have acted as a go-between.

First Issue: Sep 1970



The name Faro comes, of course, from FAith and ROss Eckler; individually we are known as Fa and Ro, or FAro and faRO.


Editor of The Enigma, 1986 - 1988

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