Kapry Korn


In 1953 I was a young woman living in San Diego, Californa. My husband and I were visiting a colleague of his in L.A. and a copy of the Enigma was on the office table. I think his nom was Zardo [ Zordo? : webmaster] but I'm not sure. I joined almost immediately and have been a member ever since. Buttorkup (my sister-in-law) was the first one I brought in, then Big Daddy (my husband's uncle now deceased), Sholem (my friend in Framingham MA–also deceased), Billy The Kid (my son–still a member) and one other person who did not stay in and whose nom I forget. I met my solving partner Woodie through Micropod (no longer a member) and Joker–also met Blackstone (recently deceased) at the same time. I have only been to one convention–Cleveland in the late 80's. My husband and I are retired and living in SW Florida so I have lots of time for puzzling.

//First Issue:// Dec 1953



Capricorn is my zodiac sign, of course, and I decided to spell it with Ks - the capri part meaning that I yearned to see that place and the corn for thinking of myself as sort of corny (I'm really not) but that was how it came about. Now they all call me kap or kappy.


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