Lena Ghinner


After two or three years of hearing me talk about puzzles, my parents became interested, and submitted flats under than noms Lena Ghinner and A. Bizdad. After I married and left home they got a sub of their own.

Source: Al Gebra, via email from Treesong.

//First Issue:// I've not completed my checking on Lena Ghinner. Ross [of Faro ] had 1959 as the year for her. In the April 1959 Enigma, I found:

 "How many remember Lena Ghinner of a decade or more ago? Anyway, she's back under the new 
 nom of Helen Highwater and accompanied her January sols with a brand-new anagram to appear subsequently."

Source: email from Mercury



Other Noms

  • Helen Highwater


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