I first heard about the NPL from The Four-Star Puzzler in the early '80s. One issue had an article about letter rebuses (by Treesong, I think). I thought they were neat, but was not too much interested in the verse puzzles. Every so often over the years, I came across the NPL in Games Magazine, Crossworders Own Newsletter (aka Tough Puzzles) and other puzzle mags. It was only when the NPL put up a web site and I found out that The Enigma had a cryptic crossword that I decided to give it a try.




There is nothing fancy about my nom, it is a simple transposal of Enstrom. I had thought about using something more esoteric, but I had the feeling that anything I came up with would eventually seem to be too cutesy, so I stuck with the transposal. (By the way, when I first met Merl Reagle at a Stamford tournament in 1984 or 85, the first thing he said to me was “Enstrom, that anagrams into Monster”).


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