I found An Almanac of Words at Play by Willard Espy and was hooked; it led me to subscribe to Word Ways. When I wrote to the editor, Ross Eckler, that the symbol for the Super Bowl should be a Superb Owl, he replied that they already knew that in the NPL – leading me to join.


First Issue: Jan 1981


Epilog – a colleague at work // Jerg – an old friend back to Columbia College days (Class of '59); he professes chemistry at Syracuse



Newrow is a homonym of “neuro”, and I am a neurologist; seemed like a good word for a composer of puzzles; 6 letters like my family name, Wolpow, ending in the same 2 letters.


I've written flats with Jerg, Mangie, Ajax, Merlin, and probably others, but I resist combinoms, usually preferring Dog + Cat, rather than Dcoagt.


  • President, 1974

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