Non Sequitur


I was not recruited; I'd always been a puzzle buff and discovered NPL through Gale's Book of Associations.

First Issue: Apr 1983



I have been in NPL twice, under different noms. Originally, I was Sphinx (back in '83). Sphinx (which would also become a fraternity nickname) was merely my last name, phonetically, with S tacked onto each end. I later observed in the New Anagrammasia that the name Sphinx had popped up in the league some 75 years prior, and some 75 years prior to that, too.

Perhaps a Sphinx will always appear to coincide with Halley's Comet.

From early, reversed anythings, annies, and antigrams were my chief domain. When I rejoined around '92, I chose the nom “Non Sequitur” (another college nickname) but also as a link to an antigram I had done (QUIT UNREASON (1 [3 8])). These days, of course, a pretty much an annie, anti, and ambi kinda guy. I'm a computer programmer (for 8 years now) at Penny Press (yup, stepping stones for WILLz and Spout).

I'm also getting into palindromes, and will be getting into upcoming issues of “The Palindromist” (my “Lisa Bonet ate no basil” was not only an Enigma flat; it won GAMES's “Palindromes with Personality” contest).


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