Hot —> Trazom.

Source: npl-folk email from Trazom.




My nom is the obvious reversal. The interesting thing though is that it was he who came up with it, not I. Cf. E. Winternitz: “Gangflow [sic] Trazom: An Essay on Mozart's Script, Pastime, and Nonsense Letters,” in _Journal of the American Musicological Society_, vol. xi (1958), p. 200.


I've combiflatted with Hot, Qaqaq, Xemu, Beacon, and once erroneously with Aesop (turned out the base had come from Plaid – I forgot). Maybe others, I'm not sure; I don't do much of it. But no interesting stories really. All the combinoms have been boringly orthodox except HOTTOTRAZOM.

Pronunciation: TROT-sum.

  • Hottotrazom: Hot/Trazom.


  • President (1990-93)
  • 1st Vice President (1990)
  • Cryptic crossword coeditor (1995 - present)
  • Coeditor of National Puzzlers’ League Cryptic Crosswords (2005)
  • Con host, Berkeley CA (1988)
  • Con host, Confrancisco (2000)

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