I'm crazy about cryptics and wordplay (and crack puns all the time) and can't seem to get enough toughies via Dell and Penny Press, or even the two Games magazines.

I bought the NPL Cryptic Crosswords book in early 2006 and read WILLz's Foreword, and realized I had somehow overlooked a treasure chest all these years! I knew you existed, but had never investigated. Blinders, I guess…

So I remedied my dearth of hard puzzles by joining in March 2006. I've been consuming the very fine brain candy with much(o) gusto ever since!

First Issue: March 2006


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I cruised onto the Internet way back in 1995, discovered I had the gee-whiz for creating a website, and decided to buy a domain name. Since I not only maintain at least one cat, but also was born in the Year of the Cat (an alternate name for the Hare) I figured I could be a Web Cat; but that letter combo was already being used, so I doubled the final T and thus became WebCatt.


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